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There is a group of racially and ethnically diverse coworkers in a conference room engaged in strategic polanning and writing notes on a white board.

By Transforming 

Work Place Culture

OGC Mission

OGC’s mission is to cultivate leadership teams and work spaces, whether in person or virtually, in a way that prioritizes Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging and Fulfillment (DEIB+F). 

OGC Vision

We envision workspaces where people feel valued for their time, are encouraged to show up as their fullest selves and thrive personally and professionally

OGC Outcomes

Supporting Mid-level and Senior Managers with:

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Effective Leadership

Our team works to enhance leaders' ability to develop a workplace where employees from all backgrounds feel a strong sense of belonging and are empowered to contribute their best.

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Employee Engagement

The leaders we work with incorporate daily practices that can increase employee optimism, confidence and proactive behavior. All of which shifts mindset from “increased productivity” to “increased purpose.”

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Cross-Cultural Communication

Leaders are given tools that enhance their self-awareness, emotional intelligence and confidence in managing interpersonal relationships amongst team members.

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Conflict Resolution

Leaders will improve their ability to navigate challenging discussions, address bias, and manage conflicts amongst team members in an equitable manner.

Develop strategies to co-create an inclusive and supportive environment that retains diverse talent, reducing turnover cost and morale disruption.

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Innovation & Problem-Solving

Harness the power of diverse perspectives that leads to more innovation, problem-solving and healthy competition within the workplace.

Talent Retention

By prioritizing your people, you increase your business's bottom line!

OGC Services

Leadership Development Workshops

Program Evaluation

Speaking Engagements

OGC Leadership 
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Consulting Progam

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